‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍4 week ‍‍‍Holistic Happiness course - NEXT COURSE

commences: TUESDAY 10TH OCT 2017

This Holistic Happiness Course is fun, light and empowering and is uniquely designed to enable you to experience unconditional happiness in your life - starting today. Have you ever felt an inner voice guiding you to trust who you are and where you are headed, even if you couldn't see more than one step ahead?

How would this feel to you?

- having an inner calmness and ease to your life

- being a happiness magnet to receive more of the gifts life has to offer

- discovering how to make your thoughts work for you

- connecting to your higher power

- making your cells happy

- living a life inspired by purpose

- experiencing the very best version of you

Throughout this course you will be lead, guided and supported with every step as I take you on your journey to personally fulfill that inner knowing that a future of lasting happiness is possible.You will hear heart opening real-life stories and receive powerful tools and techniques, to create your life with inner happiness, even when things may not seem so bright on the outside.

You will also receive principles to help you raise what scientists call your "Happiness Set-Point".

I invite you now to make that commitment to "empower yourself" to be healthy and happy and transform your life.

Included in your course, you will also receive:

- a complimentary gorgeous Gratitude Journal (value $25) by Dr Peter Dingle https://www.drdingle.com/products/the-gratitude-guide


- a Free Video Download on the "5 small steps to Happiness" with Kylie Dean and Marci Shimoff (#1 NY Times bestseller of Happy for No Reason) and featured teacher in the huge film and book phenomenon "The Secret".

To find out more and to receive your participation form:

email: kylie@smallstepstohappiness.com.au or phone: 0413 779 749

with Love, Health and Happiness

Kylie x



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